Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I think that we might be getting better - finally! It has been a rough two weeks. After Monday at the doctor with Aidan who ended up with bronchitis and a prescription for two inhalers we were back on Tuesday when Aidan, Emmy and I were all diagnosed with conjunctivitis. Then on Friday - after we went to Aidan's school for his birthday celebration on Thursday - we went back to the doctor and Aidan had an ear infection (his first!) and strep throat. I have a sinus infection and Aidan and I are finally on antibiotics. Aidan has gotten better quickly and besides a lingering cough after running around he seems back to his old self - just a little more tired. I seem to be a little slower getting back up to speed... but enough complaining for now!

Aidan turned 3 on Friday!! Despite the morning spent at the pediatrician's office it was a great day! On Thursday I got to go in to Aidan's school and help out for the Valentine's celebration and the celebration of his birthday. The school is so wonderful - the teacher, Mrs. Matthews, really goes out of her way to make the birthday kid feel really special. The entire day revolves around them and they get to do special things that a three year old would think is awesome - like wearing the birthday candle crown:We also got to do normal preschool stuff like hold one of the class guinea pigs, Lily:
Here is a picture of Aidan with his best friend, Will, and Mara who we think has a crush on Will!
Brendan came for the end of class when we had cupcakes and sang happy birthday - he even sat in circle with Emmy for the story!
Here is Aidan delivering his Valentines to all of his classmates. He was very excited to pass them out - we spent the afternoon on Wednesday making them and they were very cute!

So we had a great time at school on Thursday but I felt just awful that he was so sick. He never complained about any pain but I'm sure he felt it - just one more thing to feel guilty about....

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