Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Poor Emmy

Emmy hasn't really been herself since last Friday.  Lots of crying and she hasn't been eating or sleeping as well as usual.  I thought it was because she is teething - getting her 2 year molars a little early.  She has also had a cold so that hasn't helped.
In addition, I pulled a tick off of her last Thursday.  I got most of it but it was tiny so it was hard to tell if any was left in her skin.  I finally called the doctor yesterday because I was at my wits' end and couldn't handle the crying any more.  The triage nurse called me back yesterday and freaked out that Emmy had been bitten by a tick.  I told her that there was no sign of infection - it wasn't even red but she told me that I needed to bring her to the ER right away.  There was NO WAY that I was going to do that - the ER at Ft. Belvoir is horrendous and we would have sat there for 5 hours before they told me nothing was wrong.  I called this morning and got an early appointment.  We saw the pediatrician who was puzzled as to why we were there for the tick bite since it looked just fine (redemption!!) BUT she does have ear infections in both ears - which, although is sad and painful - is GOOD because we got antibiotics and she'll be back to herself by tomorrow.  She might even sleep tonight!! 

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