Monday, February 18, 2008

Emmy is 8 months!

Emmy is 8 months old! Well, really she was 8 months last Wednesday but I think that day we were all hiding under a rock somewhere...
What a big girl! She is sleeping 12 (dare I say it??) hours at night!! She is eating lots of interesting foods but her favorites are mangos and a puree of bananas, tofu and plain yogurt - it is good - I even throw a little in Aidan's milk and he loves it!
She isn't talking quite yet but she is babbling a lot and gesturing to things that she wants. No crawling - she is content to sit on her blanket and have Aidan bring her everything that she wants - what a life!!
She loves the trampoline - Aidan was very gentle while she was on it with Brendan - she loves bouncing so I'm not surprised that she liked the motion of the trampoline. Aidan is already asking when Emmy will be big enough to jump with him - so cute!!

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