Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bristol Zoo

Yesterday we went to the Bristol Zoo which is about an hour west of our house. It was a nice zoo - not as nice as Colorado Springs - but small enough for little kids to walk around. They had a good selection of animals with some pretty up close exhibits. My favorite was holding the Lorikeets but Aidan really liked the merry-go-round and the high wire climbing course that he and Brendan did together. As you can see from the pictures, it rained pretty much the entire time we were there but we had our raincoats and it wasn't too cold so it really wasn't that bad - plus - no one else seemed to mind the rain!

real penguins:Feeding the Lorikeets - their feet were really cold but holding them was amazing!

Riding the Merry- Go-Round

Aidan and Brendan on the rope course - very impressive!


Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

wow how cool!

Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

oops sent that one through too fast! :) Love the bird feeding and penguins! The shot of the bird flapping it's wings with Emmy is great!