Monday, November 23, 2009

The Good, The Bad and the Very Very Sick

Well, as you can tell, something's been up in our house for the last week. The kids have all been sick - each in turn and with varying degrees of what is probably the same disease. Emmy has been sick for 12 days now - since a week ago Thursday and we went to the doctor this morning. She got some antibiotics although the doctor said she didn't know what was wrong. My guess is that she'll be much better within 36 hours - yeah!!! Aoife was doing fine until Friday afternoon. She woke up from her nap with a slight temperature but it went away with a little Tylenol. She woke up at 11 pm and had a 103.7 fever. We called the afterhours pediatrician and they said that since she had no other symptoms it was better just to stay home and try to get the fever down. After about an hour, the Tylenol kicked in and her temp went down to 101 and she was able to fall asleep. She kept this up through Saturday and woke up Sunday much cooler. She still has a runny nose and doesn't seem to feel great but is on the mend. Aidan has had a mild cough all week but yesterday evening said he didn't want to eat dinner and fell asleep on the couch at 5 pm. He had a fever so I took him up to bed and he seemed happy to go. At 1 am he was up wandering around the house yelling for his dinner - couldn't tell if he was hallucinating or just really confused. He ate a little yogurt and went back to bed. He bounced into our room this morning at 7:15 and proclaimed that he was ready for school. He seemed all better - no temp, ate breakfast just fine - so he went to school. We'll see how the day goes!

Hopefully all this will mean that Christmas will be healthy! We are going to Munich for 4 days before Christmas and then we are renting a castle/manor with 3 other families in Scotland for 4 days over New Years. I am so excited and I just hope that no one gets sick!!


Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

oh no! Hope everyone is healthy now!!

Anonymous said...

That is the type Christmas and New Years I need!