Thursday, November 26, 2009

International Families Day

Last Saturday Brendan's school hosted the 2009 International Families Day. It sounds like it would be for us international students and families but in fact WE put on the event for the Brits - very convenient! Brendan was the chairman for the event and it was huge and everything went off wonderfully! Each country (25 or 30 countries) had a table/booth the we decorated and served food from to the enormous crowd of Brits. As we have no national dish or costume - the Americans all wore football jerseys and we cooked chili and corn bread and served Jack Daniels by the gallon!! It was a hit - I think they liked the free alcohol best of all!

Here are all the kids - Aidan is in the middle holding the American flag:
Here are some of the men - Brendan is not in the picture - he was running around getting things all set up.


Rains Family said...

What a cool idea! Couldn't you have worn baseball jerseys though?? Haha, thought I'd ask...

Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

haha I love the typical American jerseys, food and drink - so cute!