Friday, November 27, 2009


I am grateful for: family, near and far, inlaws and outlaws. How they love and support us and each other while inspiring and helping those around them. How we've all managed to stay married and added another member via marriage and another 3 members via birth this year. Welcome to the madness - Nicole, Aoife, Mary and Bryna.

...the time we've been able to spend in England this year and the opportunities that we have had to meet new wonderful friends and see old wonderful places.

...the birth of Aoife. She is the most wonderful addition to our family. I feel so lucky that she is happy, healthy and the easiest baby on earth!

...the continued development of Aidan and Emmy. It has been fun to watch Aidan learn to ride a bike, start to read, make new friends, enjoy school and gain a well deserved sense of independence. Emmy has decided that she loves school and it warms my heart every time I drop her at school and she runs into the waiting arms of her teachers. There is nothing more comforting that knowing your child is loved when you're not around. She has also begun to speak more and more clearly. It's fun to be able to see a little more of what goes on in that little head of hers. wonderful husband for still loving me after 14 years. For being the best father to our 3 beautiful children and being incredibly supportive to me in my endless quest to find SOMETHING that I am good at.

...finding a wonderful babysitter. Brendan and I have been out together more since August than we have in the entire time since Aidan was born. deployments this year. I am enjoying this and trying not to think about the next one. country. There is nothing that makes me feel more thankful to be American than living overseas. I am proud that my husband has dedicated his life to protecting our way of life.

...the really good days when I feel like supermom - empty hampers, dinner on the table on time, vacuumed floors, clean kitchen and made beds. Doesn't happen too often but it feels soooooo good when it does.


K said...

Madame, you are good, no make that GREAT, at EVERYTHING you put your mind to!

Rains Family said...

Awww, Becky that was sweet. What a great post!! And you are awesome at everything you do!!

The Pohl Family said...

I was going to leave the same comment as everyone else already has... You ARE great at everything that you do... um, cooking? writing? Photography? Scrapbooking? Making being a mother of 3 look easy? YES! Give me some of your talent! :)

Jack said...

I agree! Amazing mother, friend, and photographer! You are so good at all you put your mind to! Miss you! <3 <3

Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

I completely agree - there are so many things you do with excellence!!! Happy Thanksgiving!