Friday, June 24, 2016

Last Day of School - 2016

 Today was the LAST day of school!!!  As you can tell, Declan and Aoife were NOT happy about the whole situation.  Emmy evidently really likes that striped dress and wore it on both the first and last days of school this year!  I did that to poor Declan on his last day of school as well.  NEXT year I will have my act more together (probably not).  Aidan finished up 5th grade and will move on to middle school next year and Emmy finished up 3rd grade and Aoife finished up 1st grade.  Both girls will go to Jamestown next year since we have been redistricted but seem OK about it.  They know some girls from lacrosse and from dance as well as everyone on our neighborhood - so there will be many friendly faces on the first day!

Aoife's grade had their end of party - which is always a mini field day for the first grade.  Since they just had actual field day on Monday, this seemed like a bit of overkill but the kids had a great time  and there were tons of water games and pizza so everyone was happy!!  Even Declan got to join right in and pretend like he was in the first grade.  The kids and the teachers were happy to let him participate and he was beyond thrilled!  Aoife's teacher is so wonderful - we will really really really miss her a lot but we're happy that she's moving to Arlington so hopefully we'll still be able to see her - especially after the baby is born!

Last day of school vs First day of school
 Aoife's mini field day

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