Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Army night at Nationals Stadium

Tonight we got to go to Nats Stadium for Army Night! Emmy even got to go onto the field at the beginning of the game and was on the jumbotron!!  It was so much fun - even though it started out a little wet!  
Aoife and I walked to the other side of the stadium to get Shake Shack - because who doesn't want a burger and milkshake??  We met the presidents along the way and got a picture with Abe!  While we were getting our food it started to rain but the sky didn't totally open up until we were just safely under cover inside the stadium. We had a picnic during the rain delay and once the storm passed, we walked down to our seats and waited excitedly to see Emmy on the big screen!  
The game was fun - mostly because the kids sampled all of the treats available - dippin dots, cotton candy, hot dogs, fries.  It's actually a miracle that no one got sick!  I keep our standards very low - no puking = an excellent time.  
We stayed for a few innings but decided to leave when the sky started to look ominous again.  We had perfect timing.  We made it out of the stadium and to our car within a minute or so of the second downpour of the evening.  An awesome night - I love that everyone is finally old enough that we can do things like this all together!

 There's Emmy - on the far left!!

Emmy with Eric Fanning - the Secretary of the Army
Emmy's selfie with the Nats Eagle
Field Access Pass!!
A good family selfie!!!
Dippin' Dots!

Cotton Candy!

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