Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Taylor Elementary - 5th Grade Greek Parade

 One of the fun events that the 5th grade does at the end of the year is the Greek Parade.  Each student gets to chose who they would like to dress up as - God, Goddess, hero, monster etc - from Greek mythology and then they proceed out of the school, are announced and then parade around for all of the other students to see.  Aidan choose to be Prometheus and even had an eagle pinned to him that was pecking out his liver!  Super cute (??) - Anyway - everyone had a great time and it was a beautiful Virginia summer afternoon.  Emmy (and 30 of her friends) were pretty happy to be able to stand with me while I took pictures of everyone for the 5th grade slideshow.  Declan was not impressed and played by himself on the playground during the entire parade.

Aidan and Emmy before the parade:
All of the Prometheus's

 the parade!

 Aidan and Andy after the parade:

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