Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Don't Buy a Christmas Tree at Lowes!

Our enormous, nine foot, real Christmas tree is no more. On Monday night as I was sweeping up, opening packages that had arrived in the mail and putting the presents under the tree, I noticed a lot of brown dots on the tree skirt and on the floor around the tree. At first, in the dark under the tree, it looked like dirt - which was weird. I looked closer and - OH MY GOD - those are all BUGS - EVERYWHERE! There were bugs on the underside of almost every branch of the tree. The question now was how fast can I get this thing undecorated, lights off and OUT OF MY HOUSE? By myself of course - at 11 pm. Let me tell you - it didn't take me much more than 20 minutes. And who knew that I was strong enough to lift a 9 foot tree out of the tree stand and carry it out of my house and into the woods? After that the cleanup followed and I was so itchy from thinking about all those bugs all over me after I carried the tree that I had to take a long shower before bed.
The next morning Emmy, Aoife and I went back to Lowes, where we had bought the tree. I was armed with photographic evidence of the bugs although I didn't need it. I told them that my tree was infested with bugs and they needed to refund me the cost of the tree and give me a discount on a fake one. They complied - no questions asked.
Here is our new fake tree. I got the biggest one they had left but it's still only 7 feet tall. The kids think it's tiny but Aidan thinks it looks better than our first tree.

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Rains Family said...

NOT GOOD!! That's so creeeeepy!!! So sorry that happened to you Becky! What a nightmare! We haven't bought a tree from Lowe's since we've moved to Williamsburg because they end up dead 2 weeks before Christmas. But this is even worse! I have found the only way to success with a real tree is to cut it down!