Saturday, December 11, 2010

Aoife and Bryna's Baptism

While we were up in Massachusetts we Baptized Aoife and her cousin Bryna in a joint ceremony. Brendan and I are Bryna's godparents and we were so happy that we could have the ceremony together. I definitely now know why infant baptism is such a good idea - Aoife was NOT going to be held and sat down on the ground in front of the baptismal font and played with Brendan's iPhone the entire time - until her head was needed for the actual Baptism.
Here's the only picture of the entire ceremony that turned out - it was dark and my flash wasn't set right. :(Aoife, Bryna, parents, and grandparents With the other kids:Aoife in her gown - it belongs to Brendan's mother's family and was first used in 1919!Nora and EmmyMe and AoifeEmmy and her cousin Mary:Me and Brendan with Aoife - the phone was the only thing keeping her from screaming her head offAoife with us and Nora and DanMe and Brendan with Bryna, Amanda and Justin

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