Monday, December 20, 2010

Girls' Bedroom

Aoife and Emmy have been sharing a bedroom since we moved into the house in July. It's been working out great. They go to sleep at night with no problems and in the afternoon Emmy naps in the guestroom while Aoife naps in her crib. I think that they would sleep a little later in the morning if they were separated but we all get up early for school anyway so it's not really a big deal.
Aoife is still in her crib but we wanted to get bunk beds so they would be used to them when the time comes. We moved Emmy into a bed at 20 months and Aoife is at the same age now. There's really no reason to move her at this point but she is showing interest in the bed - she loves to climb up into it and lie down with her head on the pillow. She says "night-night" and pretends to go to sleep. Hopefully it will be an easy transition. The other 2 transitioned very easily and the anticipation on my part is always worse than the reality. Let's hope it's the same with Aoife!
Aoife in her future bed. Emmy sleeps on the top bunk.Aoife sitting and looking at books in their reading corner.


Amanda said...

What a beautiful bed, I love it!

Sue said...

Beautiful bed! Aoife and Emmy are very lucky little girls :-)