Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Viking Mixer

I've outgrown my Kitchenaid mixer - it takes two batches to make cakes and two batches to make all the frosting I need to decorate. Brendan got me this amazing Viking mixer for Christmas. It doesn't look a lot bigger in the picture - but the bowl is WAY bigger. Two nights ago I made a 2 tier cake and it didn't even come close to filling the bowl! This makes my life so much easier!


Rains Family said...

That's pretty awesome! What a great present-- Brendan did good!!

adozeneggs said...

Hmm, cool. I'm looking for a larger capacity mixer. I didn't even thing of the viking.
I guess I should say a medium capacity. I've got a 5 quart and a 60 quart!!

Seasons said...

Hi! I am having problems with my old Kitchenaid, and bought a new one- grease dropped onto my dough! I am doing research, and am looking at a Viking. Came across this post, and would LOVE your feedback, looks like you have had yours awhile now! Please let me know what you think! Thanks, Nancy