Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Monkey See, Monkey Do

Aoife is a master of imitation these days. She sees Emmy and Aidan drawing quite a bit and getting lots of positive reinforcement for it. Today she found a box of colored pencils in the art cupboard and a piece of paper from an envelope package and started to draw. I thought the fact that she was lying on her stomach and drawing was hysterical - she looked so serious! I'm not quite sure why she decided to do that - their little art table is just across the room. I think that she was trying to hide. She is banned from crayons for the time being because she takes great big bites when I'm not watching and swallows the wax! I know it's not toxic but it ruins the crayons and it's gross to watch. I think she thought I might take the pencils away. As long as she's not chewing on them and she's drawing on the paper she's fine.

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