Sunday, December 12, 2010

Putting up the Tree

We got the tree up last weekend before Brendan left - which was good since it was his only weekend home in December. I'm going to have to get the tree by myself next year so I really enjoyed having a strong man around to carry it in! The kids had a great time decorating. It was probably the most successful tree decorating that we have had so far. They were all interested in putting the decorations on the tree and Aidan and Emmy lasted the whole time. We also pulled out all of the other Christmas decorations which meant, of course, that there were big plastic tubs in the middle of the living room for about 4 days. The favorite item is the Little People Nativity Set. Baby Jesus goes missing about every other day and we have to go on a hunt. Aoife has put him in some very interesting places including the refrigerator and the dog crates.

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