Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Before we left for Ireland our street had a quick Easter Egg hunt for the kids. They do things a little differently than I am used to. I always have filled the plastic eggs with jelly beans or mini chocolate eggs and then hidden the plastic eggs. They just bypass the plastic eggs and hide the chocolate eggs around. It makes things a little harder for the kids so it takes a little longer - good usually - not so good on this day - it was freezing! The kids didn't care that it was cold and windy. They were very excited to use their Easter baskets (which also appears to be an American tradition) and get CANDY!! Here are the kids hunting through the playground for the eggs:
Aidan and Emmy with my neighbor's daughter, Gurleen:
All the adults, huddled around the tea:
Emmy on a mission:
All the candy at the end - we decided to have the kids work as a team to collect it and then distribute it relatively fairly - mostly so we could grab some!!
Aidan with his girlfriends, Florence and Carly:

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