Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Rock of Cashel

On Saturday we drove across to the middle of Ireland and saw the Rock of Cashel which is actually a castle on top of a big outcropping of rock. Cashel is said to be where St. Patrick converted the King of Munster in the 5th century. There are several big buildings including a Cathedral, chapel and a round tower that was built around 11oo AD.
It was cool and windy when we arrived but the weather improved and the sun even came out! After we walked around the Rock we walked around the town and then went to the B&B where we stayed that night. The next morning was Easter Sunday so we got all dressed up and went to Mass in Cashel. Half of the Mass was in English and half was in Gaelic - that was pretty neat! The church was beautiful but freezing cold and the wooden floor even had small holes in it! Crazy!
The Rock of Cashel:
St. Patrick's Cross - a replica. The original is inside in the museum.
Going into the Cathedral
A view of the round tower from inside
Emmy playing peek-a-boo:
The round tower - looking pretty good for being built in 1100.
Cemetery around the Cathedral:
A view of Abbey ruins from the Rock:
Us on the way to Easter Mass - this is what happens when you tell Emmy to say "cheese"!
Church in Cashel:

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Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

gorgeous - love the shots of the kids.