Thursday, April 15, 2010


We got to EuroDisney yesterday afternoon, checked into the hotel and walked to the Mickey Restaurant to have lunch with the characters - it was great! Mickey and all his friends were there and the kids were so excited to see them. Aoife was not so sure and made it through a few of them until Goofy came over - that sent her over the edge. She decided this morning at breakfast that Chip and Dale are OK but she still doesn't like the other characters! After lunch yesterday we went to the park and had a great time until it closed at 8 pm! The kids were exhausted but did great. We got up early for breakfast this morning and went to the park around 9. It was a little cold - about 45 degrees but we knew it was going to warm up quickly. Emmy wore her Cinderella dress and didn't want to wear her coat because it would cover up the dress. She finally decided to wear the jacket after about 20 minutes of shivering - suffering for fashion at age 2!! We're leaving to go back home tomorrow - it'll be nice to sleep in our beds and eat real food - it's been almost 2 weeks with 2 nights at home!!!

Aidan and Emmy in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle:
riding on the Dumbo ride
trying to take the sword out of the stone:Aidan and Emmy in front of the Pirate Ship
More castle...

Emmy in front of the new Princess Tiana - from the Princess and the Frog. Notice that Emmy is freezing...

Emmy got to meet Belle - she was very serious about the whole thingAidan and Emmy got cool facepaint:

the cars driving ride
Buzz Lightyear
the Aladdin ride
Sully with the kids


Rains Family said...

I've always wanted to go to Euro Disney!! Did you like it better than Disney in the states?? What are the big differences?

Kelly said...

Wow... having just gone to Disney World ourselves, I can see that everyone had a good time!! Great pictures, and wow... those kids are getting big!!

Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

oh my goodness how fun! The face painting is amazing and they got to meet such cool characters!