Monday, September 6, 2010

Nashville Zoo

Yesterday we went to the Nashville Zoo. It was a nice zoo - not as nice as the Colorado Springs one but much better than the National Zoo in DC. There were lots of different exhibits and the design of the zoo was beautiful. Half of the zoo was in a bamboo forest and the other half was in African grasslands. They also have done a nice job making sure that there is a lot of shade to walk in. It is HOT here and the shade makes it tolerable! There is also a HUGE adventure playground and a big soft play area for the little kids.
We had a great time - the kids were awesome and seemed to really enjoy themselves. We became members for the next 2 years so I'm sure we'll be going back a lot. We spent 5 hours walking around and still didn't get to a large section of farm animals.
Red Pandas:
The kids watching the giraffes:
Looking for koi:
watching the flamingos - this was Emmy's favorite because they are PINK!!
Emmy with horns

Emmy on the carouselAidan on the carousel

Aoife on the carousel - she tolerated it but jumped into my arms as soon as it was over
Emmy and Aoife playing in the soft play area
Aoife watching the Red Pandas
Aoife taking a break from the stroller
watching alligators swimAidan with horns

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Rains Family said...

We'll have to visit that zoo next time we're in AL. I love the elephants!! Is the DC zoo that bad? I've never been but was considering taking a trip