Thursday, September 30, 2010


So sorry that I haven't posted in a while! We are kind of in a groove and haven't really been doing much. Brendan left yesterday for a month in Texas and the kids and I are finding our new routine. The hardest part is getting everyone ready and fed before we walk Aidan to the bus stop at 7:45. When Brendan was here he'd stay with the girls while I took Aidan but now we all have to go together. We always seem to be rushing at the last minute. I got up a full hour earlier and we were still rushing at 7:30 so it seems that the girls need to get up a few minutes earlier and Emmy is NOT a morning person!
Right now we are waiting for the movers to bring out LAST shipment of stuff. They said they'd be here at 8:30 and guess what? It's 9:30 and still no sign of them. I really hope that my entire day isn't spent waiting for them - we really need to go to the grocery store!!


Sue said...

Can't wait to arrive on Sunday! :-) Mom

The Pohl Family said...

I REALLY don't know how you do it! Just getting my girls ready to take Avery to school two days a week seems to take FOREVER! I' usually exhausted by the time we start up the car!! I can't imagine getting 3 children ready in time!! At least Syd still just sits there in her bouncy chair & cooperates while I'm chasing Avery around! I can't imagine three! You're an inspiration!

Rains Family said...

I can barely get 2 kids out the door by 9!!