Saturday, October 2, 2010

Aoife at 17 months

Time is really flying by - I can't believe that Aoife is 17 months old!! She is getting to be quite the little diva these days and knows EXACTLY what she wants! She is starting to talk a lot more and her vocabulary is expanding daily. She is even asking to learn words - she'll point at something, give me a scrunched up face and say "wha?" Then you tell her what it is, she thinks about it and keeps trying until she is satisfied that you are satisfied with her pronunciation. The only thing holding her back is the fact that she is tongue tied - literally! She's having surgery on Monday morning to clip the frenulum under her tongue so she can learn to speak correctly. As of right now she gets extremely frustrated when trying to say "banana" because the end of her tongue can't lift up to make the "n" sound. She has started called bananas "monkey" because she can't say banana and Emmy always requests a banana like a monkey eats it - ie with it peeled halfway down. Apart from the individual words that she can say, Aoife's speech is completely unintelligible but, undaunted, she never stops jabbering away - maybe she's just speaking Chinese and I can't understand!
She's become very interested with the toilet and will not let Emmy go to the bathroom in peace - she always has an audience! Aoife is still in the crib but I'm hoping that we'll be able to transition her to the bottom bunk of the bunk bed within a month or two. The girls are sharing a room which has worked out great! I was convinced that it would NEVER work but they love it and sleep very well - even at nap time!
Aoife also loves dogs and cats - she has absolutely no fear which is going to get her in trouble one of these days. She bosses our dogs around but is very gentle with them and will sit down next to them if she wants to pet them. It's really cute!
Here she is telling Murphy to roll over!
Aoife wearing the jeans that Emmy wore last year - granted they are rolled up but for a 1 year old she is HUGE!


T.M. said...

She is sooo cute! Good luck on Monday! I think this is the same thing Molly's daughter had done.


Laurie said...

HA! So Murphy listens to Aoife. At least we finally found someone he listens to!

kim said...

She is a cutie. Hope all goes well with her surgery, we'll be thinking of you.

Rains Family said...

She is so adorable. And I love those jeans on her!!

The Pohl Family said...

I hope her surgery went well! I have two thoughts about your post... first of all, she very well be speaking Chinese! With Ni Hao Kilan and Dora, kids are bilingual very early these days! Secondly, that's great that she loves animals! Is there a local shelter there? Of course she can't volunteer but you should take her down to "visit" all the dogs and cats and, if they allow it, take a bunch of milk bones! She'll love it! I thought Avery would be overwhelmed with all the barking but I just told her they were saying "hi" and she loved giving them all treats!! It's never too early to cultivate their passions!!