Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Fort Campbell did Trick or Treating one day early this year. Aidan dressed as Ironman, Emmy was a black cat and Aoife was a bumble bee. They were adorable - I LOVE Halloween! The kids had a great time - Aidan got tired about an hour into it so we turned back toward home. Emmy kept telling us how much she LOVED trick or treating. It's so funny how much she gets into it each year. I always forget how much fun she has. Aoife had her first real Halloween - she was only 6 months old last year so she didn't get to go Trick or Treating. She had a really fun time and loved her costume. She kept turning around and around in front of the mirror checking herself out and pulling on her wings. She figured out how to say "Trick or Treat" and then would say "Thank You" at each house. So cute!!
Most of the houses on our street have a parent deployed so the people with older kids put out a table in front of the house and handed out everyone's candy on the street so we could all take our kids around and not worry about handing out candy. We took advantage and both went with the kids - it was great! Since Trick or Treating was only from 6-8 the street bought pizzas and we had a pizza/fire pit party on the cul-de-sac afterwards. It was so much fun - we are so lucky to have a fun neighborhood!
We took this picture this morning just before lunch time. I really wanted a nice picture of the 3 of them in their costumes and I knew that if I waited until right before Trick or Treating I would get this:
or this:
Here they are - starting off on their way!
All the houses are really close to each other and people do a really nice job decorating!

The crowds were insane - at some houses the kids had to wait in line!A view down the street:
Dumping out the loot:

This is what Aoife looks like after an overload of sugar and being up an hour and a half past her bedtime!!

Happy Halloween!!


Kim said...

This looks so great! What a fun time. My kids are trick -r- treating at my in laws today as I'm sick w/ bronchitis, so I'm a little jealous!

Rains Family said...

Love the costumes and Emmy's face paint!! Glad you guys had a fun night :)

Matthew, Eve, Noah, and Noelle Middleton said...

they look adorable! And you did an incredible job on Emmy's face paint - it looks professional! So cute!