Saturday, October 30, 2010


So I have been up to my ears in cookies this week - and it's been really fun!! I made an order of cookies for my friend's daughter's 15th birthday. She lives in Alaska so I REALLY hope that the cookies all made it in one piece after all that work!!
I also made Halloween cookies for Emmy's class party and for Aidan's class. I forgot to take a picture of them all before they got bagged up but they were really cute! Purple cats, ghosts, pumpkins and moons. By all accounts they were enjoyed by all!
I have also been doing a lot of cookie research online. Who knew that there were entire blogs devoted to cookie baking and decorating?? If you're interested, check out these!
Bake at 350
A Dozen Eggs

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Rains Family said...

I'm a big Bakarella fan!!