Thursday, October 14, 2010


I managed to get all the kids up, fed and dressed in time to get outside and take these pictures at 7:30 before Aidan had to get on the bus. This is a miracle since from the second that Emmy opened her eyes this morning she was crying - about everything from Aoife touching her unicorn to not wanting to wear a dress - she ALWAYS wants to wear a dress. I happened to casually mention that there might be a treat in store for them if they took a nice picture and Emmy became my photo taking ringleader. She was telling Aoife to look at the camera and Emmy herself was all smiles. Let me tell you - she asked for that treat as soon as I said we were done - and really what's ONE candy corn going to hurt - even though it was at 7:30 am!! :)


kmcaffee said...

Adorable!! I am simply amazed at your efficiency with three cherubs! And you blogged, too!!! :)

K said...

I say that bribery (specifically with candy) is the cornerstone of good parenting. at least that's what I tell myself when I'm trying to convince myself I'm not a bad mother. :) gorgeous pictures. LOVE Aoife's owl dress!

Becky said...

Had time to blog since Old Navy doesn't open until 10 and bus pick up is at 8 - the girls played and I blogged - for just a few minutes! :)
And YES bribery works very well - until they come to expect it! :)