Friday, October 15, 2010

Playing Outside

After dinner we all go outside and play with all the neighborhood kids. They usually ride bikes, run around, play with nerf guns and fun stuff like that. It's a good opportunity for Emmy and Aoife to play with the bigger kids. They are all so good and include the little ones - so nice to see!
Here's Aidan - throwing something:
Emmy with Logan - our neighbors' son:
Aoife LOVES cats and one of our neighbors has a patient cat that lets Aoife pat it.
Stalking her prey:
Got it!
Aoife learned a lesson after this photo was taken - I think the cat didn't use it's claws:


The Pohl Family said...

That must be so much fun to have so many neighborhood friends for your children to play with! Fun!!

Becky said...

It's really nice - there are lots of kids and they are mostly elementary school aged. They play together really nicely!