Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cheekwood in the Fall

My sister, Laurie, came to visit us this weekend. It was so nice to see her and have an extra pair of hands around the house! She came in on the redeye on Friday morning and since we were already in Nashville we went over to Cheekwood to see what was going on there. We went last May for Mother's Day and hadn't been back since. I wasn't hoping for much since I figured the spring and summer flowers were gone but it was gorgeous and I had a way better time this visit than last. It wasn't hot and we didn't need the stroller - having another adult around didn't hurt either!! The model trains were running and they are fantastic. There is also a display of scarecrows around the gardens which are all really unique! If you are in the Nashville area I would strongly recommend visiting before we get a frost - it was beautiful!!Laurie with the kids:
Watching the model trains:
Edgar Allen Crow scarecrow:Kid scarecrows:Aoife in the Japanese Garden:
There were tons of butterflies around!
See all the beautiful color?!
Enjoying the Japanese Garden:

2 comments: said...

Adorable family, and glad you had a hand for a bit. I read your post at Rants from Mommyland and thought they were right on target. My husband hasn't deployed since before we had kids (though it could certainly happen and most likely will soon!), but everything you said was right on target. My favorite ones are when other women say, "Oh I know. My husband has been traveling for work for the past week..." I was always thinking, "Really? Is he being shot at? Sleeping in a metal shack?" Anyway... take care, hang in there... stay strong!

Sue said...

Looks like great fun!! Such a beautiful garden and wonderful scarecrows too :-)