Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Aidan is in the gifted and talented program at his school. I really dislike the name of this program - it sounds all snooty and elitist - so I prefer to call it G&T. Makes me think of my most favorite adult beverage!
Anyway - the G&T program went on a field trip today to our local Ft. Campbell museum. They've been studying flight so going to look at a bunch of airplanes and helicopters was perfect. I really wanted to chaperone but they weren't going to be back in time for me to pick Emmy up so Aoife and I crashed the fieldtrip and showed up for a half and hour while they were running around outside. The kids got to actually go inside of some of the aircraft and Aoife and I joined them in a Chinook. It was pretty cool!!
If you're wondering - there are a lot of kids wearing camouflage in the pictures because it is spirit day and that's what they were supposed to wear. It's not that Army kids just dig wearing camo.
Aoife crashing the party:Aidan getting smarter:The 11th Chinook produced:Aidan getting in the Chinook:Inside the Chinook:He was BEYOND excited to be able to actually go IN the aircraft!

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