Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nashville Zoo... again

On Friday we went to the Nashville Zoo. We hadn't been since the spring and since it has kind of cooled off I thought it would be a great outing. We didn't have school because it was a teacher work day so I thought the zoo would be empty. I was wrong - it was packed - with school field trips. Ugh - the entire zoo was overrun with screaming children. We lasted until the heat and crowds got to us but we had a really good time. The only hiccup was that Emmy really really wanted to see the lemurs but then when we got there she screamed and refused to believe that they were lemurs since they didn't look like her bobble head stuffed lemur. *sigh*
We have taken a picture on this same rock a few times that we have been to the zoo. Here's what the kids looked like last fall and here is what they looked like this spring. They have gotten so big so quickly!!
There are now 4 elephants at the Nashville Zoo instead of just 2!Hoping that the crocodiles decide to go for a swim - I think they were waiting for the water to warm up.
Aoife looking sweet:
And not so sweet:
The "lemurs" - at least they thought they were.
Giraffe showing us her purple tongue!
The flamingos were awake and making a ruckus!
The porcupines - we've never seen them awake before this!Aidan loving the carousel!Emmy loving the carousel:Aoife hating the carousel!Aoife refused to look at the camera - she was still mad at me for making her go on the carousel!Emmy feeding the lorikeets - she wasn't scared of them this time!Aidan feeding the lorikeets:


T.M. said...

I love the sequence... loving the carousel, loving the carousel, hating the carousel. Too funny.

Rains Family said...

What a great picture of you all on the carousel! I also enjoyed seeing the kids on the same rock, they really have grown. Beautiful pictures Becky!!