Thursday, June 13, 2013

Emmy's 6th Birthday!

 How can she be 6 already?  Emmy has grown into quite a wonderful young lady!  She is so fun to be with and is so smart and funny!  She is going to be in first grade next year which seems totally unbelievable! 
On her birthday we Skyped with Brendan during present opening and then we had pancakes for breakfast!  We went bowling which Emmy has been dying to do.  She was super excited until she realized that she had to wear ugly bowling shoes.  It was almost a no-go but she got over it and we had a fun time!  Gramma was here too which always makes birthdays extra special!  We had chocolate birthday cake that night after dinner at the Chinese Restaurant.  She informed me that when we are on vacation she wants to have a cake from the grocery store that SHE picks out.  Goodness!  She doesn't even know how good she's got it!!

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Rains Family said...

Happy birthday to Emmy! IT doesn't seem possible that it was 6 years ago!! Love the comment about the grocery store cake. Addy has said that a time or two ;)