Thursday, August 14, 2014

A visit to the National Cathedral

 Today we went on another outing.  This time we went to the National Cathedral in in NW DC.  It's on of my most favorite places in DC and we are so close to it this time!  Last time we lived here, we were so far away. 
The last time we visited was right before Aoife was born!  Things have changed so much!!  We had a great time and we didn't even go inside the church! If you want pictures of the inside, click on the link here.  The Bishop's Garden is absolutley beautiful and very peaceful - at least until we got there!! 
There is a big grassy area that would be perfect for a picnic - there are benches and lots of shade as well!  Since it's so close, hopefully we'll be back soon!
 Emmy is so helpful with Declan!

 Aoife in the gazebo
 attempt at a group picture!

 Everyone in the same frame!
 5 years and 2 additional kids!

 Fish pond!!


 My Emmy!!
 What's down there??

 Playing tag!

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