Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Lincoln Memorial

 We took advantage of another beautiful day here in DC to take a trip down to the Lincoln Memorial.  It was so beautiful - especially for August - in the 70's and breezy!  We parked right by the MLK Jr. Memorial and walked right up to the Lincoln Memorial.  It's funny - we've parked there before but the walk with tiny children felt so long and today we got there in about 5 minutes!!

We enjoyed the Korean Memorial and then walked over to the Lincoln.  We took the elevator up and walked around the statue - you're supposed to be quiet and respectful.  Declan was unable to be either so we made a quick exit.  There were soldiers from Ft. Myer outside taking pictures with tourists and my kids thought it was so weird that anyone would want to take a picture with soldiers!  We did it and they couldn't stop giggling!  After that we walked over to see the Vietnam Memorial and then walked down the reflecting pool to the WWII Memorial.  We walked around all of the fountains and took a little break from all of the walking.  Then we walked back to the car with a quick detour to the MLK Jr. Memorial with a great view of the Jefferson Memorial.

We had a fun time and it was nice to get out in the city!!

Enjoying the Korean Memorial
 There is such a beautiful view from the Lincoln Memorial!!
 Get me out of this stroller!

 I'm outta here!

 Unable to be quiet or respectful:

 Walking up the reflecting pool!
 I was born WHERE??
 Virginia girls!
 My redneck boy!
 Where's Declan??

 A picture with the Washington Memorial in the background:
 Look how much we've changed in 7 years!!!!


 Enjoying a break at the WWII Memorial:
 The MLK Jr. Memorial

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