Friday, August 8, 2014

The Yards Park

 This morning we went to The Yards Park in DC by the Navy Yard and Nationals Stadium. We went with my friend Betsy and her daughter who is just about Declan's age!  The kids had a great time playing in the splash pool which was really shallow and great for little ones!  There was also a fountain to play in and a nice shaded area with tables and room to spread out.  The parking was 20 feet away and very reasonably priced - I think we paid $2 for the entire morning! 

It wasn't really hot today but I bet the kids would love it even more if the temps were higher.  Betsy and I thought it was perfect in the 70s!!

 The kids feeding the ducks and the huge catfish!
 Declan and his friend eating a snack!
 Aoife joining the littles!

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