Friday, August 15, 2014

Green Spring Gardens

 To finish up our week of outings, we went to Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria today!  It was super fun and FREE!!!!  There were lots of beautiful gardens - most with a slant towards kids!   There was no fear of making too much noise or running around.  The kids had a great time on the scavenger hunt, looking at all of the flowers, bees and butterflies, hiking through the woods, finding turtles in the pond and playing with the sun clock. 
It was a great morning out!  There are paved paths that allow bikes and scooters so next time we'll have to pop those in the car!  Another great thing is that it is right around the corner from a few lunch places and it's a short ride to Old Towne Alexandria if we wanted to head there for lunch instead!

Aoife and Declan learning about frogs and mailboxes:
 the KIDS garden!
 Emmy reading the map:

 the sun clock!
 Declan really loved the mailbox!



 Hiking through the woods!
 Aidan - guest photographer

 Emmy - guest photographer
 My handsome oldest son!
 The secret to a group photo - make Declan hike for an hour.  He'll sit still long enough for a picture!

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Tia Murchie-Beyma said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing. We've met so many wonderful people (and bugs and other critters) at Green Spring Gardens Park. Many of our happiest homeschool days have been spent there.