Monday, December 19, 2011

Day 4 - Epcot again!

We slept in the morning after we went to the Christmas party and then headed to Epcot for lunch in Norway with the Princesses! I have to say - if you want to eat with the Princesses, it's a better choice to do it in Norway than at Cinderella's Castle. The meal was half the price and the food was AMAZING! The Princesses were a little more relaxed and spent more time with the kids. After lunch we toured through the countries and endured grumpy kids - boy were they tired! It was also a little more crowded than we were used to since it was the afternoon but we still had fun. We ate dinner in Mexico and they were super accommodating and let us move our reservation from 6:30 to 5pm. They were probably happy to open up a table at 6:30!! The dinner was, again, fantastic!! Disney has really stepped up their food quality and I was really impressed and I'm not easily impressed by restaurants!

Here we are with France in the background:
Norway, right before lunch:With Belle - the hostess for the lunch in Norway:Since when is Mary Poppins a Princess? The kids still loved her!Snow White told us that she has traveled many times to the Kingdom of Boston:Sleeping Beauty:
In Canada - Aoife refused to be in the picture:In Morocco - this was my favorite Disney country as a kid - I love how the streets circle back on each other and it smells like incense! ENGLAND!! We sat and listened to a band for a little while - relaxing!

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