Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

We were so lucky to have Brendan here for Christmas! It felt - well - normal. Which was good because very little about 2011 has been normal! The kids had a blast and Santa seemed to get everything right! Aidan got an electric scooter and the girls got Barbie ATV's. Emmy LOVES hers - Aoife isn't quite ready but I'm sure she'll be zooming around with Emmy in no time! Aidan is quite excited that the label on the scooter says for ages 13 and up. I guess Santa forgot to read that part! We continued the tradition of opening up family presents on Christmas Eve - everyone gets one present from the others and then left everything else for Christmas morning. It works really well for us to spread it out a little! After presents and lunch we took the new outside toys out to play. One of the great things about living in the South is that it can be warm on Christmas - and it was this year! We had a nice turkey dinner in the evening since Brendan had missed a home cooked Thanksgiving! We had a full day after Christmas to enjoy as a family and then Brendan went back on the 27th. It won't be long now and he'll be home for good!

Opening presents on Christmas Eve:Santa came!JOY!
Dollhouse for Emmy from her godparents:All Aidan wanted was LEGOs and more LEGOs!Happy chaos!This is the only way Aoife would ride her ATV:Christmas dinner - not sure what Emmy has against the timer but she did a similar thing last year!

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