Saturday, May 11, 2013

Aidan's 1st Holy Communion

 Aidan had his 1st Communion on Saturday.  Mimi, Aunt Siobhan and Mary came down to celebrate with Aidan!  It was a great day and it wasn't even raining!!!  I got him the most adorable tie with baseballs all over it and we learned to tie a tie together!  The class had their own Mass and each of the kids got to get up on their own and take Communion.  Aidan was pretty nervous before he went up but did great.  There was cake afterwards - a win for Emmy and Aoife.  After Mass we went to The Blackhorse in Clarksville for lunch.  It's Aidan's favorite because they have the most yummy appetizer - huge soft pretzels with beer cheese dipping sauce.  The kids all gorged themselves on the pretzels and we brought their lunches home and they had them for dinner!

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