Sunday, January 5, 2014

Aoife's Obsession with Frozen

 Aoife is completely obsessed with the movie Frozen and the character Anna - the younger sister, of course.  Santa brought this costume - which was declared the best present of the day - and she has barely taken it off since.  I have had to repair three seams already!  We secured black boots today at the PX and she is thrilled that her outfit is complete.  She insists that I braid her hair everyday and will sit completely still for the 10 minutes that it takes me to do it.  It used to be a challenge to get her to sit still for 30 seconds to brush it and throw it up in a half ponytail!  We downloaded the soundtrack to the movie and it now plays in a loop constantly - with Emmy and Aoife singing along - and sometimes Aidan too!  It's a good thing that the music is good or I would already be out of my mind!!

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