Wednesday, January 22, 2014

January Blah

I haven't been posting much - not because we haven't been doing anything. Well, maybe we haven't been doing much but I think it's more a case of end of deployment/january blah!  You know when the kids act up during that last half hour of a car trip - no matter how long it is?  Well, that's kind of the way it seems with this deployment.  It's not just the kids though.  We are all just tired and ready for Brendan to come home. 
Here are a few pictures that I have taken along the way.  I post most of the pictures that I take with my phone on my Instagram account and sometimes I forget to repost them here!  So here are some of the cute ones!

Here's Aidan and Declan playing with Aidan's new ipad mini - it has a front video camera and Declan was fascinated by the video of himself!
 Aidan got a new bunk bed!  Everyone loves hanging out up there!
 Declan loves the nerf guns and thinks he's pretty cool when he gets his hands on one!
 Declan ended up at the ER again on MLK Day.  He ONLY gets sick on holidays when the regular clinic isn't open.  Poor kiddo had an ear infection in BOTH ears and a cough.  I  now have the cough and it is terrible!

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