Sunday, January 5, 2014


Brendan has been trying to convince me for years that he is allergic to mushrooms.  I have never heard of anyone else in my entire life who is allergic to mushrooms so I kind of chalked it up to him just really not liking them.  (Sorry Brendan).

Tonight I made a delicious meatball stroganoff - chock full of mushrooms.  Everyone thought it was delicious, especially Declan who could barely stuff it in fast enough!  At the end of dinner - well it BECAME the end of dinner - Declan looked at me kind of funny and then proceeded to throw up his entire dinner exorcist style.  It sent everyone else running from the room screaming - of course - because I have the toughest children on earth.  Hmmmm.  Anyway, I'm wondering if this is a coincidence or a reaction to the mushrooms.  I don't cook a lot with them out of habit of having Brendan around but I can't imagine that this was Declan's first experience with them.  I'm thinking I'll wait a bit and see what happens if we give them to him again.  All I know for certain is that he is going to be one hungry monkey in the morning!!

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