Sunday, January 19, 2014

Missing Pop

Tonight the world lost a great man.  A man who lived for 96 years and saw many more changes to the world than we could ever imagine.  A man who grew up during the depression but embraced technology and learned to use an iPad in his 90s.  A man who never stopped learning, reading and enriching his mind.  A man who built a family and a legacy.  A man who had two sons, six grandchildren and eight great grand children.  A man who fiercely loved the world he lived in and took every chance to better the lives of those around him.  Even when his eyes failed him, he continued to garden and grow vegetables to give away to others.  Even when his body failed him, he continued to love and support his friends and family in anyway that he knew how.  A determined man who didn't know how to give up.  A wonderfully kind man who was beloved by all who knew him and who so many called a friend.  We were lucky enough to call him family.  There is a piece of him in all of us, urging us along and telling us to press on.  The ultimate optimist, he would tell us that our worst days are behind us.  Stand up, fight on - the best is yet to come.

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