Sunday, July 5, 2015

A Family Sunday

   We got up on Sunday hoping to go to Mt. Vernon but were pretty slow in getting ready to get out of the house so by the time everyone was fed and dressed it was 10:30.  Brendan and I made the decision to wait a bit longer, have lunch and them go.  By the time we got to Mt. Vernon it was close to noon and there was not a parking space in sight - bad news for parking AND for how crowded it probably was inside!!  We decided to go over to George Washington's Distillery and Gristmill instead - it's only a few miles down the road and it was practically empty!  We got a great tour - the tour guides are very knowledgeable and so interesting.  During the tour they even start up the gristmill and grind cornmeal right in front of you using water power.  It doesn't sound too interesting but it's incredible to witness - even the kids were very impressed.

Once we were done buying cornmeal, we headed over to Ft. Belvoir.  I hadn't been there since we moved away when Aoife was 2 months old and it has changed A LOT.  For an Army that is supposed to be cutting back, there is an awful lot of building an imporvement going on!  We went to the PX - the biggest one I've ever been to  - and got a haircut for Aidan, some new sneakers for Declan and little lego packs for the girls.  

Since it was getting toward midafternoon and everyone was a little hungry, we stopped for frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog on the way home.  Everyone loves the places where you can dump a bunch of candy on your ice cream!  All in all - a very fun day - the only problem was that my point and shoot camera ran out of batteries after one picture so I had to shoot the entire day on my phone!!!


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