Friday, July 17, 2015

Turkey Run Loop

 We thought that we might go down to Alexandria this morning and visit Tracy and the kids but they were a little busy.  Since we were all ready to go, I filled some water bottles and we went on a hike at Turkey Run park.  The trail was really nice - short (about .75 miles) but a little challenging with some steep switchbacks and 2 stream crossings.  The kids had a great time - it took us about an hour - we were really taking our time.  We stopped to enjoy the creek, see a toad, have a snack and take some pictures jumping off a log.  It was perfect for little ones, although I did have to carry Declan going down and up some steep sections and to cross the stream.  Next time I'll bring a towel and I'll just have them take off their shoes to cross the stream - it was shallow and perfect for wading!!
 Emmy carrying the backpack - we NEEDED 2 water bottles for a 3/4 mile hike!

 The only wildlife we saw:

 Crossing the stream

 Declan refused to be in this picture
 We got him here - bribed with a granola bar!
 Declan refusing to take part in the jumping!

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