Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Rainy 4th of July

It was the RAINIEST 4th of July ever today!  We went to our neighborhood parade in the POURING rain and tried to enjoy ourselves while being cold and wet.  Everyone stuck it out for about 30 minutes until the rain really intensified and everyone made the simultaneous decision to pack it in!  The kids did get some snacks and even tossed water balloons - why not?  They were soaked already!! After the parade, we dried off and went to Tysons to watch a movie and then played in the play area while Brendan took Aoife to the American Girl Doll store - she has decided that it is her life goal to own one of these dolls - they got some flip flops.  We made pizzas for dinner and ate inside downstairs - I would have preferred to eat outside but the intermittent downpours were making things a bit unpredictable!! We didn't even go to fireworks - the rain just threw a monkey wrench in everything but the kids did light sparklers for a while and that seemed to make them happy and top off quite a rainy day!!


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