Thursday, July 16, 2015

City Livin' - Rocky Run Park

 There are so may different parks in the County - most of them I don't even know about!  I've been going on the parks' website and trying to find new and different places to visit and today we went to Rocky Run Park.  It's on the edge of Clarendon so it's pretty close - and it was a great park!  They are almost finished building bathrooms - so it'll be even better in a few months.  There's an area for toddlers and a big climbing structure that's geared for bigger kids, although Declan was able to enjoy playing on the lowest levels of it.  Most of it is shady - great for hot summer days and there's a fair amount of street parking. 
We had a great time - we didn't stay for too long but I think if we meet up with some friends next time, our visit will be longer!

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