Thursday, September 3, 2015

School Orientation!

 It has been sooooooo hard to wait for today!  The kids had no idea who their teachers would be or who would be in their classes until we got to school this afternoon for orientation.  We have had some anxious kids around the house for the past few days and this morning was no exception!  Luckily everything turned out fantastic - or so it seems!  Everyone's teachers seem soooooo great and everyone has a good friend (or a few good friends in Emmy's case) in their class.  Both Aidan and Aoife have enough kids from other classes that it should give them some good opportunities to meet more kids.  Emmy has a bunch of girls from other classes but she already knows most of them from either church or lacrosse.  I'm really happy for them - this is the first time in 3 years that they have spent more than one year in a school.  To actually know lots of kids before school even starts seems like such a luxury!!  Emmy hasn't known kids on the first day since she was in Kindergarten, Aoife has NEVER known anyone on the first day and it's been since 2nd grade for Aidan - pretty much no one can really remember feeling comfortable at school on the first day.  Makes me so happy that they are confident and really looking forward to Tuesday!!!

Aidan and his 5th grade teacher:

 Emmy found her locker!
 Emmy and her 3rd Grade teacher
 Aoife and her 1st grade teacher

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Mary Ann said...

Praying for them all. Trusting God will bless them with many unknown treasures. Love to all!