Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Bowling Party & Torpedoes Basketball

 Saturday afternoon was pretty busy!  After Aoife's Saturday morning basketball, Declan had a bowling party at Ft. Myer and Aidan had another basketball game.  Since we were up late last night with Emmy's game, Declan was pretty much a mess for the entire day.  He was so excited to go to his friend's party but fell off of a chair while wrestling with said friend about 10 minutes after we got there and nearly knocked out his front teeth.  Seriously so much blood - I was pretty certain that when I looked in his mouth there would be no teeth but they were there.  We will see if they turn gray in the next few months - hopefully not!  After he recovered from the tooth trauma, Declan enjoyed bowling for about 45 minutes.  He started to get a little bored and decided that he was going to move bowling balls from one rack to another.  Seemed like a good idea until he turned around with a bowling ball in his hand, bumped into another kid, slipped (because he was wearing bowling shoes) and fell right into the corner of the bowling ball rack - cheek first.  His eyes were fine - thankful for small miracles BUT there is a giant welt on his cheek.  I decided that it was time to leave the party - it was almost over and there was no way that Declan was going to come back from a second injury in time to enjoy the rest of the bowling.  Sometimes you just have to know when to give up!

Declan LOVING the singing - this is post tooth injury
Having fun bowling - temporarily
Declan disappeared and I found him back in the party room - grabbing a snack
Pre-face injury - moving bowling balls back to the rack

We went over to Aidan's game just in time to watch him play the last few seconds of the first quarter. He played most of the second half so I got a few pictures! The Torpedoes won and played really well together.  I love watching the kids play - it's incredible how quickly they improve!  I also love watching them having fun!

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