Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowzilla! The blizzard of 2016

 We have survived!!  The biggest storm in 10 years!!  This is what it looked like around 1 pm on Friday:
And here is what it looked like on Saturday morning around 10 am!  That's probably about 12 - 18 inches!!
 We have a tradition of cinnamon rolls on beautiful plate of delicious cinnamon rolls!  I'm still trying to perfect the recipe but it's something that no one minds the recipe testing!!  I used this recipe this time.  They were delicious but the dough was tough to roll out - but very tender out of the oven!!
 Yup - even Declan thought they were good - an he pretty much eats nothing these days!!
 Here's Aoife, Norah and Emmy going out to play in the storm.  They are standing on the street behind the bank that the plow left and this was only midday!
 Here's Greg McShane, our neighbor, snowblowing a path to the trashcans!!
 In typical threenager style, Declan threw an absolute fit while we got him dressed to go outside.  I knew that he would LOVE it as soon as he got out into the snow and I was right!  He didn't even want to come in and stayed outside for hours!
 Declan shoveling the walk and Brendan making snow angels!
 Aidan and Declan building a fort.

 Keeping the driveway clear!

 a view of the backyard in the afternoon!
 24 hour progression!

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