Friday, January 1, 2016

It's a New Year! (Visiting the Renwick Gallery)

 It's 2016!  A fresh start and it feels good to leave 2015 behind.  It was a tough year and we are really looking forward to a year of changes and happiness!!  Mimi is visiting us this weekend and we thought we'd make a good start to the New Year by visiting the Renwick Gallery in DC this morning.  It was a great trip!  The exhibitions were breathtaking and it's a small museum so we were able to get through it all without any complaints or boredom.  Everyone seemed to have a good time!!  It's the first museum I've ever been to that had signs encouraging photography and even gave an instagram hashtag to post with - they they live streamed the photos on this monitor!  What a great idea!!!

This exhibit reminded me of an exhibit that we had visited at Cheekwood a few years ago!  It has GOT to be the same artist - unless there are two people doing very similar things with long sticks!!!

 Another beautiful exhibit with thousands of wires or maybe strings of rainbow colors!

 Piles of notecards!
 A view down the hall!
 A visual representation of the shock waves from the earthquake and tsunami in Japan - the colors changed and shifted, making it feel very different from minute to minute.

 Mimi and Emmy enjoying the exhibit
photo by Emmy:

 This sign does a better job explaining this exhibit than I could!

Photo by Aidan:
 Glass beads climbing the walls - Declan's favorite

 Tire rubber cut and riveted to itself
Photo by Aidan:
 falling sparkles!
The pink room with bugs covering the walls in patterns:
Photo by Aidan
 Selfies outside the White House
Here it is:

Declan trying to pretend he's not part of our family

Lunch at Cosi afterwards:

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Mary Ann said...

Great pics as always! Thanks for sharing! Happy New Year!