Thursday, January 28, 2016

Aidan Starts Orthodontics

We have made a big step into teenhood today!  Aidan started the first steps of getting braces.  He got some spacers in between his teeth so a palette expander can be installed next week.  He also got a mold made of his mouth - he almost threw up but managed not to!!  Way to go for my weak stomached boy!!!  We decided to go with Virginia Center for Orthodontics in Courthouse.  We visited a couple of orthodontists and I got the best feeling from her.  She is so sweet and has a very hands on approach!!! With four kids, we are in for the long haul.  We'll probably end up being best friends after everything!
This was our first trip out of the house since last Thursday so everyone was a little crazy!!  The other kids ran rampant around the office, getting prizes, dressing up in costumes and keeping an eye out for firetrucks across the street.  I hope we didn't wear out our welcome already - just to make sure, we brought them some cookies.  No matter how annoying we are, they can't totally hate us if we bring cookies!!

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